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View Article  Wanna go Sport Climbing?
I jumped onto the sport climbing band-wagon shortly after it started rolling in the mid 80’s and, save for winter/spring bouldering forays and the odd ‘away-day’ on the grit or in the mountains, I’ve been sport climbing ever since. Burning considerable midnight oil in the process, I eventually managed to shoe-horn as many tips and techniques that I’ve not forgotten into...   more »
View Article  KSP goes to the flicks…
Two brand-spanking new DVD’s hit the shelves just in time for Xmas; Psyche from Posing Productions (a.ka. Alastair Lee) and Hard XS from Slackjaw (a.k.a. Richard Heap and Ben Pritchard). I was delighted to collaborate with both film makers last year such that viewers of said films can see bits of yours truly featured in both productions…   more »