Portland a new definitive guide to the climbing at Portland and Lulworth has just been published by the Climbers’ Club. KSP has supplied a dozen or so action images, one of which, a shot of Steve McClure deep-water soloing Gates of Greyskull (F7b+) at Lulworth, is on the back cover…

Portland is a unique climbing venue within the UK offering, as it does, one of the widest ranges of climbing styles and grades in the country. Factor in its southern location with a mild and favourable climate and you have a location which is as close to year-round as anywhere in the UK. Authors Steve Taylor, Ben Stokes and Jim Kimber describe all the sport climbs, trad climbs, deep-water solos as well as most of the extensive bouldering on the isle. Portlandalso includes Lulworth and the adjoining crags. Collectively these are some of the best sea-side locations of their kind in the UK.

I first visited the area 10+ years ago and have been popping in ever since. Seldom is the weather anything other than conducive and the opportunity to bang a load of routes in usually proves irresistible. It has to be said that the outlook improves considerable when you get down to the cliffs themselves; those right down by the sea have that little something extra IMO.

Photographically, the area, especially Lulworth, can be gorgeous under late evening conditions when the low, strong racking light from the west can be first class.

Portland is available at £19.50 (plus P&P if applicable) from a climbing shop near you and/or Cordee.