Printworks in Sheffield, are well on with the business of printing, collating, folding, binding and shrink-wrapping half a tonne or so of calendars and year planners/posters. The latest eta for climbing:09 and the 2009 Year Planner/Poster is that it will be back and ready to roll out by the 20th October.


Climbing:09 has a bit of a different feel this year and breaks into some new ground – night-time bouldering and photography thereof! Oh err missus! The hills, it seems are coming alive with night-time bouldering activities. Leaving no stone unturned, and wanting to get down with the vibe…, I arranged an evening/night-time bouldering shoot high on the moors betwixt Yorkshire and Lancashire at the lakeside boulders of Widdop. Sadly the midges heard about our mission and turned up in their thousands. They very nearly spoilt the party but in the end tenacity won the day and we got our shots. We did get covered in midge bites though but sometimes you have to suffer to get what you are after! The results (below) are a front cover shot and something a little bit different for February.


Ako Shillitoe in action at Widdop during the evening/night-time bouldering shoot


Breaking into something different is always a bit of a blast and a challenge but I’m pretty psyched to do more night-time bouldering shots so watch this space. Meanwhile to see hi rez images from the Widdop shoot, as well as all the others in climbing:09, click here


The climbing:09 web page here hasmore details of the calendar including a selection of the 13 monthly pages. Similarly, the 2009 Year Planner/Poster web page here has more details about that. Suffice it to say that anyone familiar with the previous years’ calendars will recognise the format of climbing:09 given that the usual design/layout features have been retained. Included within climbing:09 is the 2009 Year Planner and Poster. The Climbing FactFiles will also be posted on-line throughout the year.


Last but not least, if you want to get a copy of climbing:09, including the 2009 Year Planner/Poster, then watch out for it in a shop near you from next week onwards or else buy direct via this website by going here