December 07th 2008: KSP captures action as Brit Grit Boys fight back …


Today, the Brit Grit Boys staged the start of the fight back in the wake of the recent Team America onslaught. In a stunning ground-up effort over the weekend a trio of well-known upwardly mobile gents laid siege on The Promise, James Pearson’s Burbage North test-piece.


Ex-Sheffield climber Pete Robins together with Llanberis local Jack Geldard travelled over to the Peak for some grit action in the company of Peak local Ben Bransby and headed straight to Burbage North. By Sunday lunch-time, they’d clocked up a couple or three dozen falls between them, two ‘ground-up’ ascents and lost considerable skin! Pete and Ben left with their tick, Jack, after fighting a brave battle left to lick his blooded and battered finger tips. And as they left, another Grit maestro, John Roberts rolled up looking like he was a man with a plan!

Here's the action featuring Pete, Ben and Jack...

Pete Robins setting up the crucial moves on The Promise in 'blazing heat' on Saturday 6th December 2009

Jack Geldard committing to the upper section on The Promise

Ben Bransby tickling the upper break prior to getting the second (or more correctly - the third) British 'ground-up' ascent of The Promise

Pete Robins topping-out having repeated The Promise for a second time - just for the photos!

The crucial CAMP Ball Nut#1 - a well-tested placement over the weekend!