KSP is delighted to have supplied images to Tick Tock Publications for their latest title in the rather nice ‘learn about/how to do’ series of instruction books related to Extreme Sports. Rock Climbing, by Kate Cooper, is the latest in the series which is primarily aimed to the younger reader between 10 and 15 years of age.

Rock Climbing gives a brief history to the sport, an overview of the techniques, equipment and clothing. It goes on to cover the science behind the sport, some of best climbers around, some real-life stories including a selection of the outstanding achievements over the years.

Keith supplied a number of images for the book including ones of Steve ‘bat hanging’ McClure on his break-through route Overshadow at Malham as well as Pete ‘heel hooking’ Robins climbing on the famous Cromlech Boulders in the Llanberis pass.

Extreme Sports: Rock Climbing is available from bookshops or from eShops on the internet and is priced £6.99.