Of all the great quotes on time some have struck a real cord with me over the last month or so: “The bad news is time flies. The good news is that you’re the pilot” – Michael Althsuler; “Time only seems to matter when it’s running out” – Peter Strup and “You will never find time for everything. If you want time you must make it” – Charles Buxton.

Just recently, time has been flying by for me; climbing/photography trips to the Pyrenees and then Pembroke, a painting project (not oils and canvas but a house full of doors, a 2.5” brush and a several tins of Dulux Professional) then more climbing/photo shoots trips to St Bees, Craig y Longridge and the Peak have all gone by in a blur. A day at the Chatworth Summer Fair pulled in the Red Arrows, the White Helmuts and The Tigers Parachute Team. That was so relaxed it seemed like a stroll in the park with the kids – come to think of it…

No surprise then that the image library has been expanded a bit too – 57 gbs, all 7206 pixs worrth, have been added and that’s a lot of keywording and post processing I can say! It does mean that the calendar is (very) nearly done - just one shoot left - and life is getting back to steady state. I reckon I’ve seized the month never mind the moment or the day! So my apologies for the break in the blogs – something had to give - but here’s some shots to check out...

The Ariege region in the French Pyrenees is increasingly coming onto the radar of us Brits. The area is visually stunning and rich with outdoor activities of almost every conceivable nature - including climbing of course. Expect to hear much more about this area in the future. Anne Aran (of chezAran) enjoying an afternoon session at Genat, but one of the crags in the area

Neil Gresham - Mr DWS - doing his stuff on his own Wet T-Shirt Contest (7a+), Broadhaven Cove, Range East

DWS Pembroke style. Steve McClure cruising Southern Rain (F6b+/S1) on Granny Smith Wall, Newton Head, Range East

End of the day atop Stennis Head, Range East,Pembroke

Dinas Rock, in South Wales, is a cracking venue very reminiscent of Chee Dale in the Peak District in appearance although it climbs totally different. Neil Mawson on-sights Crock of Gold (7c+) during a flying visit

The Cornice in Chee Dale has been ground-zero this year for activity with many routes being re-bolted. Ben Meakin is captured one evening hanging-out on the undercuts of Powerplant (F8a)

St Bees is little short of a photog dream crag; visually stunning! We caught it on an absolutely glorious day – Bank Holiday Monday to be precise. Liam Lonsdale, the 2010 ‘Be in my Calendar Winner, Dreaming of Red Rocks (F7a+)


The Red Arrows, kicked off the afternoon displays from the military, captured here doing what they do best – aerial painting

The Royal Signals White Helmuts sizzled nicely through-out their demo…

whilst the Tigers Parachute Display Team drop into the arena to end a superb afternoon display from our armed forces – many of whom had recently been on active duty

Craig y Longridge is the ultimate outdoor training venue – the pumpfest of all pumpfests! Emerging Lanc’s hotshot, Adam Jeeworth, warming up prior to an ‘Epic’ photo session for the calendar