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View Article  KSP covers Peak rock…
A good friend of mine maintains that “guidebooks are a great shop-window for photographers” and as it happens, I agree. I’m dead chuffed therefore that a couple of the latest guides to the Peak, Ground Up’s Recent Developments on Peak Limestone and the BMC Froggatt, both have shots of mine in...   more »
View Article  Turning Japanese – I really think so…
An envelope from the land of the rising sun sure stands out amongst the junk mail!! Ripping said envelope open, I pulled out the latest copy of Rock and Snow - all shinny and bright it was too...   more »
View Article – a website in re-design…
Website are like most many things in life – a work in progress… The current has run for a couple or three years now and it’s time for a re-design rather than a re-fresh. But what to prioritise, what to cut, what to add-in, what to big-up and what to down-size. My webmaster and I have our own ideas but your feedback would be gratefully received…   more »
View Article  Calling calendar wannabes…
It’s July, Cliffhanger has been and gone so it must be ‘Be in my Calendar Competition’ time! UKClimbing are sponsoring a page in Climbing:2011 and want YOU to appear in all your glory on their page. So it’s time to get cracking, answer a few easy questions and stand by for the eyes of the climbing world to feast their eyes on your awesomeness...   more »
View Article  Ondra in crushing mode (again)…
Adam Ondra, the Czech climbing machine, has just crushed the opposition in the UK round of the World Cup bouldering to take a very convincing win. Top honour in the ladies competition, which was altogether much closer, went to Belgian Chloe Graftiaux. The Dyno competition went to (past) form with the silverwear being lifted by Skyler Weeks (with a new world record of 2.85m) and Lilly Fitzgibbons…   more »
View Article  Tres Amigos go walk-about with an Old Man…
On Saturday 26th June three climbers away on a jolly for the weekend, stood on one of the UK’s most inaccessible summits – The Old Man of Hoy. Most climbers have heard of the Old Man of Hoy but few have done it. Yet any (reasonably competent) climber with few days to spare, as well a bit of grit and a mate or two, can get themselves a top, if not unique, climbing experience – and having been there and done the Old Man last weekend I can tell you it’s well worth the effort...   more »