Website are like most many things in life – a work in progress… The current has run for a couple or three years now and it’s time for a re-design rather than a re-fresh. But what to prioritise, what to cut, what to add-in, what to big-up and what to down-size. My webmaster and I have our own ideas but your feedback would be gratefully received…


Here’s what we’re shining the spot-light onto:

  • System - bespoke or home-grown
  • Appearance - clean, sleek and minimalist or content/option-rich
  • Images –thumbnails and show case flash-based or other and with or without detailed captions/capture info
  • Blog – bespoke or bolt-on
  • Articles – trad. scrolling page view or flash-based

And further down-stream:

  • Image library
  • On-line photo ‘how to guides’

So if you have any strong feelings and wanna get them over – drop me an email or post a comment below.


Timescales are a tough one – but as soon as possible has got to be the #1 so if you have any thoughts spill the bean now - thanks…