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View Article  World Cup Champs – Final Day…
The business day at Cliffhanger was even sunny and hotter that the qualification day – not a day for bearing down hard on small crimps or slopey volumes but that’s just what the World Cup hopefuls had to do – big style…   more »
View Article  World Cup Qualification Rounds…
Cliffhanger opened its gates yesterday in a blaze of glory – the weather, for once, played along with the preferred game plan...   more »
View Article  World Cup comes to Sheff…
A little kid walking through the green and leafy west end suburb/parklands of Sheffield asks his mum “Hey mum, what’s that big red tent doing there – is it a circus”? Mum, sage that she is, answers, “That’s the World Cup son – it’s here in Sheffield this coming weekend”. “No way, you mean the bouldering world cup - right mum”? “Right!” says mum. Kids are smart these days…   more »