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View Article  Steve Rides the Shovel Head…
I’ve been in calendar mode for a good month now and a couple of weekends back I dragged Steve Mac and Mark Busby up to the Lakes for some pixs. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Lakes and Steve has too it seems. We had two days and figured two venues in different valleys would be cool. The weather wasn’t awesome as we went past Kendal so we figured that a low lying, easy access crag would be a good choice. I suggested Raven Crag, Langdale and Steve agreed; the question was would Steve fancy the ripe plums on offer?...   more »
View Article  Giant’s Highway…
Climbing into thermals, thick oversuit and wellies in the middle of the flippin’ hottest day for ages was more than a mare! Thankfully, the short walk over to the cave entrance was quick and as soon as we got there we lit-up and dived straight in. The cold blast that blew our way was real sweet – heaven in fact…   more »