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View Article  Je suis un Rock Star…
“Je suis un Rock Star” - so proclaimed Big Ron to an admiring (female) onlooker at the end of a shoot for a climbing filming in the Verdon in the early Eighties – or at least so the story goes!   more »
View Article  Cometh the (limestone) season…
Those not glued, either in person or via the nearest flat-screen, to the action from CWIF (Climbing Works International Festival) might well have ventured out onto the limestone crags for some action last weekend. And those that did probably found them in remarkable good condition. Certainly, the quintessential crucibles of Pennine sport climbing, Raven Tor and Malham, are now substantially dry – barring all the usual seepage lines anyways...   more »
View Article  Off Piste…
(Sadly, as I now realise...) I came late in life to skiing but to be honest I reckon you can’t have much fun with your clothes on doing anything else! And those that know me, and my dedication to climbing, will recognise the enormity of what I’m saying...   more »