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View Article  Pennine Scenics…
In what is reckoned to be the worst (or best depending upon you viewpoint...) winter for thirty years, the opportunities to ‘get out’ on rock have been pretty rare of late. Slowly though, there are signs that winter is coming to an end – even if it is that the snow, when it comes, doesn’t last for long – Scotland excepted that is!   more »
View Article  Out on The Terrace…
I have to admit to a near-obsession with the Burbage Valley, especially Burbage North. I first pulled onto Burbage North’s ramparts nearly forty years ago as a fresh-faced, snotty youth. I distinctly recall getting mauled on that occasion by Wednesday Climb. Not much has changed really over the intervening years except that there’s a lot more miles on the clock nowadays. I’m still getting mauled – albeit by slightly harder stuff!   more »