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View Article  Wrossie out – KSP in…
In the week that Wrossie (a.k.a. Jonathan Ross) jacks, Keith Sharples Photography hits the beeb (again)...   more »
View Article  Who dares wins (sometimes)…
In what might prove to be one of the few outside climbing opportunities this week Paul and myself headed out to Burbage North on Monday night. We figured it would probably be a dump-ass thing to do but that unless you try you don’t know what might be possible...   more »
View Article  The snow must go on…
We’re only into 2010 by a few days but I’m lovin’ it big time! In superb style, the clock rolled-over into a New Year and a new decade but the same sub-arctic conditions stayed with us and as a photographer I’m glad they did. It’s been time to get out and get snapping - I’ve added nearly 5gig of image files to the network drive already this year...   more »