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View Article  KSP hits the beeb…
So did you catch Keith Sharples Photography on BBC1 on Monday? I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t! Not to worry, a few clicks of the mouse and bbciplayer is up and running and wadda you know – KSP is on the telli…   more »
View Article  climbing:2010 now rolling off the press…
Do the years just seem to roll by to you? Yeah, same for me – especially since I’ve been in the calendar business; man they seem to zip bye! Anyway back at the point, I heard today that Climbing:2010, my sixth rock climbing calendar, is now rolling off the printing press at Printworks in Sheffield. Next up is collating, trimming, binding, shrink-wrapping and then... bingo – it’s time to start shipping! ETA is, at the moment, a (known) unknown – but it’s pretty darned soon so watch this space…   more »