So did you catch Keith Sharples Photography on BBC1 on Monday? I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t! Not to worry, a few clicks of the mouse and bbciplayer is up and running and wadda you know – KSP is on the telli…


To be fair, I’m over-egging it a bit as the beeb ‘only’ included some stills of mine of Steve McClure on Overshadow (F9a+ at Malham as part of Monday’s (26th Oct 2009) Inside Out programme screened at 19:30. Presenter, Jamie Coulson, bedecked in one of Rab’s finest (and redest…) jackets, introduced a segway from Malham. The beeb wanted to film Steve on a super-hard route as part of the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire series. So what better place than Malham and what better route to try than a link-up starting up Bat Route into Rainshadow to finish p Rainshadow! Grade-wise, Steve figured F8c+, but who knows?


So you now have about 5 days to check it out before it disappears. Here’s the link


BTW, the piece also had a good context interview from Andy Cave and some great shooting by Alastair Lee of Posing Productions