Do the years just seem to roll by to you? Yeah, same for me – especially since I’ve been in the calendar business; man they seem to zip bye! Anyway back at the point, I heard today that Climbing:2010, my sixth rock climbing calendar, is now rolling off the printing press at Printworks in Sheffield. Next up is collating, trimming, binding, shrink-wrapping and then... bingo – it’s time to start shipping! ETA is, at the moment, a (known) unknown – but it’s pretty darned soon so watch this space…


Climbing:2010 covers Germany, Italy, Spain, the US and, of course, the UK. As usual, it also includes a 2010 Year Planner/Poster featuring Neil Gresham and Steve McClure respectively.


Climbing:2010 fully embraces an eclectic theme which is one of the long-standing core objectives for the calendar. Uber popular venues include the Burbage Valley, Fontainebleau and Kilnsey whilst those off the beaten track are Gallt yr Ogof, The Cube, and the Appalachian Mountains. Sitting somewhere between these extremes are images from Craig Arthur, Bridestones, Barenschluchtwande, Massone and Montant. Finally, CB (Central Buttress) in WCJ (Water-cum-Jolly) and High Rocks represent the current trend to revisit and re-work golden oldie crags!


A gallery of all the images from Climbing:2010, will be up-loaded to the website pretty soon.


You’ll will be able, as usual, to get your copy straight from the KSP HQ, i.e. my garden shed (kidding…) by ordering direct via the on-line shop on this website.


Meanwhile, here’s a few tasters for you…


Calendar cover and UKClimbing ground-up man himself, Jack Gelderd out on a (The) Promise, Burbage Valley




Alistair Smith on Craig Arthur classics; Digitron and Dance of the Puppets 


Gaz Parry on his way to his True North, Kilnsey 



Cube-mister, Dan Bradley throwing some great shapes on The Cube, Roaches Area



And then for the Poster/Year Planner…


Steve McClure on Heart of Stone, Gallt yr Ogof 



And Neil Gresham on Nemesis, High Rocks