Some big guns were out at Malham over the bank holiday though as it turned out the weather was a major player as well. Ordinarily you’d expect premier crags like Malham to be rammed with folks from one end of a Bank Holiday to the other – especially given the hit the pound has taken recently against the Euro. Truth was though that Malham was nearly totally empty on the Saturday – save for a few regulars and some big guns.


Saturday was the day of choice with lots of activity from the few that were there including ascents of The Groove and Magnetic by ‘regulars’, Keef Murphy and Paul Reeve respectively. Good effort guys; enjoy the taste of success whilst it lasts! Jordon Buys battled valiantly with Power Ranger and the mighty Malcolm Smith clocked up a serious mileage session gunning his way up just about everything on the left of Zoolook wall with the consummate ease of a strong man climbing well. But perhaps the biggest guns of all were aimed right of centre on the Cove with Big John Dunne on The Groove. It looks as though there’s some lead in his pencil again. Ough errr...


Monday (today) was pretty hard core – it blow and rained pretty much all day. I think the less said the better really given that the British summer is just around the corner!


Jordon Buys – aspiring Power Ranger




Big John back in The Groove (pun intended)