When tales of no snow in some Euro ski resorts are set against the tales of snow across our fair isle, you start to scratch your head a bit. Then along comes a white Xmas, the first for some considerable time, and you really sit up and take note.


If you were amongst those lucky enough to get into the hills of Scotland and Wales and take full advantage of said conditions then good on you. However, even away from the (bigger) hills there was plenty of the fluffy white stuff about to go play in. For a few days only we were lucky enough to enjoy a rare wee beast, some powder snow! My ramblings were restricted to around the Pennines but it wasn’t half a grand time with some pretty cool vistas...


The winter hinterland of Mother Cap in Burbage Valley



Winter trees blasted by driving snow and day after day of freezing temps



Grit and snow…



Xmas Day photo pickings; a snowy urban scene



By ‘eck, snow in west as well; a Lancashire cold pot



The loneliness of the after dark lorry run; light trails at Burbage Bridge