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View Article  March 18th : KSP Refresh
Things need a re-fresh every once in a while and the time as come to say goodbye to KSP in its current guise. An all new KSP website will be along shortly…   more »
View Article  March 11th : For Sale

KSP is looking to jump ship no, not to the darkside, but over to FX. That being the case, I’ve some kit to go to make way for the new stuff…

Camera first which is the Nikon D300. This has been my main body now for 4 years, having moved over from my D2x. The D300 is a totally solid and dependable bit of kit with the added advantage of the pop-up commander flash and the light-weight form factor. Having bought it from new, I’ve shot c. 53k images with it without a single failure – well, without a single failure that was down to the camera! I have the power grip (MB-D10) as well but I might just keep that in case I find a nice D700 to use as a second body until the true D700 upgrade comes on the market – discuss!?!

To avoid any disappoint regarding the condition of the D300 I’m going to be quite harsh and class it has around Excellent++ although the only real signs of use being some marks on the rubberised grip and a slight ‘polishing’ on the card door. The camera comes with the original body cap, Nikon D300 strap, battery and charger, leads, manual and is boxed.

In addition, I have the byThom Complete Guide to the Nikon 300 which is an e-book and Field Guide.

Lens next and btw, all these are in really nice condition – somewhere around Mint – to Excellent ++ I’d say. There are only the very light signs of use with no scratches nor marks on either the body of the lens and non (obviously) on any of the optics. All filters will be removed but all lens are complete with front and back caps as well as lens hoods and original boxes – except for the 35-70mm which has no box.

AF Nikkor 85mm f1.8 D. This is a cracking, light-weight portrait (mid range telephoto on DX DSLRs) lens reckoned by some to deliver result within a whisker of its (considerably) dearer f1.4 sibling. Good bokeh and shallow depth of field means it’s good for separating subjects from backgrounds.

AF-S Nikkor 12-24mm f4 DX G IF-ED wide angle zoom. My bread and butter wide angle said to be as sharp as prime 24mm wide angles. The DOF even when being used wide open is little short of amazing. Light-weight and steller, there’s nothing not to like about this lens so no surprise that it’s been my standard wide zoom since switching to digi. I’ve shot more images with this lens than virtually any other lens I use with results going up to A2 poster size no bother.

AF Nikkor 35-70mm f2.8 D standard zoom. The ‘must have’ mid range zoom from a while back before the new 28-70mm and now the 24-70mm became the new kids on the block. Stunningly sharp and highly portable this compact zoom delivers image still so sharp it’s scary. It has a very handy macro facility too which is why I’ve retained it until now. There is some slight dust visible within the lens as common with this push-pull design.

AF-S 18-200mm f3.5-5.6 DX G VR IF-ED 10x zoom. Nikon’s ‘go anywhere, one size fits all knock-about’ glass for DX sensors cameras comes with the added benefit of VR. It even does half decent macro shots too. Many DX shooters only lens and a solid and dependable performer when going light is a must.

AF-S Nikkor 17-35mm f2.8D IF-ED wide angle zoom. The wide angle lens that was so good even Nikon couldn’t kill off is now back by popular demand! Another super sharp wide angle which was selling for up to £1500 second hand a year of so ago until Nikon relented and reinstated it into their line-up. To tell you the truth, I’m not sure this is a good move selling this lens – I might just keep it and not bother with the 14-24mm latest incarnation.

Prices next then folks…


Sale Price

Typical Second-hand Retail Price

Nikon D300


£600 to £680

byThom D300 Guide



AF Nikkor 85mm f1.8 D


£250 to £275

AF-S Nikkor 12-24mm f4 DX G ED


£550 to £675

AF Nikkor 35-70mm f2.8 D


£375 - £425

AF-S 18-200mm f3.5-5.6 DX G ED


£375 - £425

AF-S Nikkor 17-35mm f2.8 ED


£1000 to £1150

Delivery will be by Royal Mail Special Delivery with actual costs charged on top of the above prices.

And finally a single shot visual…

For Sale – D300 then right to left AF Nikkor 85mm f1.8 D, AF-S Nikkor 12-24mm f4 DX G ED wide angle zoom, AF Nikkor 35-70mm f2.8 D, AF-S 18-200mm f3.5-5.6 DX G ED zoom and AF-S Nikkor 17-35mm f2.8 ED wide angle zoom


View Article  March 4th : Flash Harry
Ok, it’s warm(ish) and wet this weekend (good training opportunity…) but there’s been some good bright sunny days here in the Peak and TBH the crags aren’t in bad shape given its still only (very) early March. I’m still in bouldering mode yet (just) which I’m totally enjoying and it’ll be good for my climbing later in the season. It's also thrown up the possibility of grabbing the odd shot or two. And many of those that I’ve taken this year I've had to throw some flash into the mix...   more »
View Article  Feb 7th: The Art of Sliding…
When all the weather forecasts agree you know there’s an inevitably about what is coming around the corner. And so it was last weekend when, at mid afternoon on Saturday, the snow duly arrived; bang on time. As we all know, snow is slippy stuff and by and large it’s great for sliding on – wicked if you’re a skier, boarder or sledger; not so good if you’re a biker or a motorist though...   more »
View Article  No Red Monday here…
Monday 16th January, a.k.a. Red Monday, was supposed to be the worst day of the year but I’ll wager that climbers who were out in the Peak over the weekend don’t hold to that theory...   more »
View Article  Welcome 2012 – time to roll out the NY resolutions…
So if that was 2011 it must be time to dust off the NY resolutions then and get cracking…   more »
View Article  Last Orders Please…
We’re almost there now but if you’re still mulling over last minute Xmas goodies we’re still shipping stuff right down to the wire! The last date for guaranteed First Class delivery from the PO is Tuesday 20th so bash the orders through and we’ll get them out!   more »
View Article  V-Publishing pull gong in Banff Fest…
Congrats to V-Publishing for winning best guidebook in the 2012 Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival – awesome result! I got an ‘out of office’ back from John Coefield, Vertebrate Publishing’s Publications Manager, a couple of days back and now I know where he is - living it up in Banff with a gong under his arm!   more »
View Article  Nov 1st: Tom, Dick and Harry in howling gaff…
KSP HQ (lol…) has been in shipping mode now for a while with copies of Climbing 2012 hitting the mail sacks daily. However, and in a rare moment of reflection, I did notice a howling gaff in the Bandits at Dinbren article posted on-line on my website…   more »
View Article  Oct 30th: Parkour in the Park…
Parkour in very much an in-vogue activity at the moment, amongst certain groups that is. Last Friday, I had the opportunity to check-out the local scene and photo some young guns down in one of Sheffield’s city Park. It was nearly dusk when we kicked-off and time was limited but enthusiasm and energy was seriously high…   more »
View Article  Hiding from the heat at Sean’s Roof…
So at the 11th hour we get what must have been the hottest day of the year on 1st Oct! The un-seasonally high daytime temperatures followed by overnight dips give us a mass of soggy, gopping wet crags all last week. Just what we all wanted ahead of the weekend…   more »
View Article  Small is Beautiful but Bigger is Better
Climbing:2012 was rolling off the press this week and all being well it’ll only be days now before I’ll be able to start shipping – well over a month ahead of last year shipping date. Get-in… as they say…   more »
View Article  And the winner to this year’s ‘Be in My Calendar’ Competition is…
Cue drum roll… Folks, please give it up for Craig Bailey, the winner of this year’s UKClimbing ‘Be in my Calendar’ Competition…   more »
View Article  Final Proofs…
“Final Proofs? Sure, they’re over there on the table”. Music to the ears of anyone involved in print media projects. Within minutes they were signed-off and Climbing:2012 was committed to the press…   more »
View Article  Steve Rides the Shovel Head…
I’ve been in calendar mode for a good month now and a couple of weekends back I dragged Steve Mac and Mark Busby up to the Lakes for some pixs. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Lakes and Steve has too it seems. We had two days and figured two venues in different valleys would be cool. The weather wasn’t awesome as we went past Kendal so we figured that a low lying, easy access crag would be a good choice. I suggested Raven Crag, Langdale and Steve agreed; the question was would Steve fancy the ripe plums on offer?...   more »
View Article  Giant’s Highway…
Climbing into thermals, thick oversuit and wellies in the middle of the flippin’ hottest day for ages was more than a mare! Thankfully, the short walk over to the cave entrance was quick and as soon as we got there we lit-up and dived straight in. The cold blast that blew our way was real sweet – heaven in fact…   more »
View Article  World Cup Champs – Final Day…
The business day at Cliffhanger was even sunny and hotter that the qualification day – not a day for bearing down hard on small crimps or slopey volumes but that’s just what the World Cup hopefuls had to do – big style…   more »
View Article  World Cup Qualification Rounds…
Cliffhanger opened its gates yesterday in a blaze of glory – the weather, for once, played along with the preferred game plan...   more »
View Article  World Cup comes to Sheff…
A little kid walking through the green and leafy west end suburb/parklands of Sheffield asks his mum “Hey mum, what’s that big red tent doing there – is it a circus”? Mum, sage that she is, answers, “That’s the World Cup son – it’s here in Sheffield this coming weekend”. “No way, you mean the bouldering world cup - right mum”? “Right!” says mum. Kids are smart these days…   more »
View Article  Pssst, wanna be in my calendar?…
It’s time for the ‘Be in my Calendar Competition’ again as UKClimbing are sponsoring a page in Climbing:2012. We want YOU to feature in your finest kit and cut a lean, mean figure on the UKClimbing page. You should know the score by now; answer a few simple questions and then stand by and wait for Keith to call you to arrange the calendar shoot...   more »
View Article  Up the Devil’s Arse…
Peak Cavern in Castleton proudly proclaims itself to be the Devil’s Arse. Last Sunday, as ongoing prep for our forthcoming wee caving trip, we duly entered said Devil’s Arse with a clutch of sacs of camera kit with the specific intention of testing some new electronic wizardry and filling a card full of images…   more »
View Article  Night (Light) School…
For the last few weeks of so I’ve been prepping-up ready for a wee trip underground. Obviously, I’ll be dragging my cameras along as well – just to make life more ‘interesting’ - so I’ve been wrestling with a whole sack-full of how-to questions..   more »
View Article  He’s back…
A year ago the young top gun that is Adam Ondra blasted into The (Yorkshire) Dales and all but mopped-up. Well guess what – he’s back and straight down to work above the Malham Catwalk…   more »
View Article  Malhamites go on the B in Bang...
With April fading fast in the rear-view mirror it’s clear that it’s been an exceptional month - both weather wise and climbing wise…   more »
View Article  One Down, More to Come?…
Spain is where it all seems to be going down these days. Adam Ondra has been a regular in the news recently but this week it’s Chris Sharma’s turn. Hot off the press is the news that Chris has just made the first ascent of his long term project at the Laboratory, Margalef, First Round, First Minute…   more »
View Article  Back to the Future
Several years back I had a quick early season visit to the old skool climbing mecca that is Siurana. I’m off back there this week, to get some new images, (hopefully) mop-up some outstanding business and to check-out some of new nu skool venues. Whilst packing, I pondered the changes that had occurred since my last visit...   more »
View Article  Best of a Bad Day…
A fickle thing isn’t it the weather! Two day ago the forecast was for a wall-to-wall sunshine weekend in the Pennines, sadly, it turned out a little different than that. Almscliff was to be the venue and bouldering the game. Well we went and we saw and we left – for Malham…   more »
View Article  Cabin Fever…
Woke yesterday to find an inch of wet snow covering the ground; winter, it appeared, was back. Today was no better either; Stanage area was covered in around 2 inches of the white stuff – very wet, white stuff it was too. Inside was the only way forward - for (another) training session…   more »
View Article  Just lovin’ the (winter) light …
Amidst the grim winter weather here in the Peak we get an occasional burst of brilliance – a shaft of sunlight blasting through the clear air it’s looks nothing if not magical. The trick, as ever, is to be in the right place at the right time and this weekend the right place was Stanage and the right time was the evening ‘golden hour’.   more »
View Article  Golden Egg morphs Clifftop Boulders to Ticket Only
Whilst most folks were doing Crimball John Fulwood was out havin’ it on Peak Grit. From under the noses of all, John nailed Golden Egg (Font 7c+) at the former off the beaten track venue that is Clifftop Boulders down in the Cratclife area.   more »
View Article  Annual Eye Candy - A review of Climbing 2011
Ian Parnell has just reviewed Climbing:2011 for Climb#71. Here’s what he said…   more »
View Article  Back to the Future…
At the last minute I turned the car out to the Peak rather than heading inside for a wall session and I’m glad I did. The days that are laden full of expectancy can so often fail to deliver. Conversely, days that are ‘obviously’ going to be rubbish turn out to be totally the opposite. Today was a case in point…   more »